Astilbe plant in garden

Astilbe plant in garden

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How to Grow Astilbe Perennial Flower Perennial Perennial Astilbe is a great shade plant with rich, dense foliage and feathery, summer blooms for your shade garden. Astilbe plumes bloom in June-July. Colors include pink, red, white, purple and peach. Plants grow 18" to as much as 5 feet. There is a dwarf variety that grows about 6".

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  • Astilbe (False Spiraea)
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  • How To Grow Astilbe – The Perfect Shade Loving Perennial With Big Blooms!
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How to grow astilbe

Astilbe 'Ice Cream' has masses of beautiful, pink flower plumes in mid summer. It will be most effective when planted in drifts or groups of three or more. The flowers are excellent for cutting. Its ferny compound leaves remain dark green in colour throughout the season. Astilbes are long-lived perennials that are most comfortable when grown in rich soil and light shade to filtered sun. They will grow in full shade, but will not bloom as prolifically there. Though they are easy to grow, Astilbes have one critical requirement--lots of water.

Plants must have consistently moist soil; dryness leads to a quick demise, especially in sun. Increase watering as the foliage emerges and the plumes mature. If the soil dries out, the leaves will develop brown, crispy margins and will begin to drop. If you want to fertilize Astilbes do so in late spring before flowering starts.

Wait to cut back the old foliage until spring; it will help protect the plant from winter damage. In the spring, if the crown has risen above soil level, gently press it back into the ground and apply some organic matter around the plant.

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National Collection Astilbe

Immensely popular, Astilbes are fabulous plants for shady, moist conditions. They light up your shade garden for weeks with their elegant flower plumes and add a dazzling splash of color in the landscape. Ranging from 6 in 15 cm to 24 in. They rise gracefully above attractive mounds of fern-like foliage which remains attractive all season long under satisfactory growing conditions before turning progressively a rich caramel color which provides winter interest to the garden. Chinese Astilbe 'Superba' Astilbe chinensis var. Astilbe 'Mainz' Early Season Bloomer. Astilbe 'Diamond' Mid Season Bloomer.

Otherwise, astilbes are undemanding and hardy in garden zones 3 to 8. You can find varieties that range from 6 inches to over 40 inches tall, so you can grow.

Astilbe (False Spiraea)

Astilbes brighten shady gardens with their brilliant midsummer color. The plume-like flowers are held high above attractive, deep green foliage. Flower colors vary from white, pink and deep red, through soft lavender and violet, and all are attractive to butterflies and beneficial insects. Learn how to get the most from these carefree shade-loving perennials. Longfield Gardens supplies grade 1 plants shown at far left with strong, healthy root systems. The bigger the plant, the faster it will settle into your garden and the sooner it will flower. Sun and Shade Astilbe perform best in partial shade, but they will also grow in full shade.

When To Plant Astilbe – An In-Depth Look

Astilbe chinensis 'Vision in Pink' is a Gert von Buren introduction that provides pale pink plumes with a dense and upright form a top large, blue-green leaves with a coarse texture. A member of chinensis Chinese species which is a later blooming species useful for extending the bloom season into late summer. Foliage is deeply incised, coarsely textured, and often bronze-green in colour. Flowers are borne on narrow, branched panicles. Though garden performance is far superior in moist soils, members of this species are moderately drought tolerant.

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How To Grow Astilbe – The Perfect Shade Loving Perennial With Big Blooms!

Deceptively delicate in appearance this moisture- and semi-shade-loving perennial is hardy to Zone 4. Varieties grow anywhere from 1 to 6 feet tall. But most grow about 1. Most varieties grow about 1. Shape in flower: flower stalks with upright spikes. Propagate by division or separation - Divide in spring.

All About Astilbe

As your eyes move across a beautiful landscape, consider the plants that give you pause. In the opinion of renowned garden writer Allen Lacy, the astilbe is one of these prized garden plants. Multidimensional, versatile and adaptable to a variety of settings, it is one of the "steeples and spikes" in a panoramic garden. At the Chicago Botanic Garden, these lovely perennials are integrated throughout many garden vignettes, from the high-volume Waterfall Garden to the serene pond plantings of the Landscape Gardens, and along vast stretches of the Lakeside Gardens. The roar of tumbling water serves as a dramatic backdrop to the botanic waterfall of cascading plants. Punctuating these waves of greenery are masses of astilbes, pointing skyward. Lacy as he cheered the use of the astilbe amid one-dimensional ground covers rugs and mounding plants dumplings.

If you need to add some pizzazz to your shade garden, astilbe should be at the top of your planting list. It's one of the most popular perennials in America.

A Fiery-Looking Plant To Grow In Your Garden – Get To Know The Astilbe

Found mainly in temperate East Asia, this genus of the saxifrage Saxifragaceae family is made up of 12 species of summer-flowering, rhizome-rooted perennials. The species have been extensively selected and hybridized to produce many garden plants. Surprisingly, given their showy nature, the genus name Astilbe actually means without brilliance, coming from the Greek a, meaning without, and stilbe, meaning brilliance. That is because, although the flowerheads are bright, each flower on its own is tiny and rather dull.

Astilbe – Plant Profile

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Astilbe spp and hybrids. Astilbe is a part shade-loving perennial with airy white, pink, red, or lilac flowers. I grow it to provide color to darker areas of the garden and soften the look of sunnier spots. The deeply lobed, fern-like green leaves add to the whimsical look to this plant. Some varieties even have copper colored leaves.

Bursting with colors as varied as red and white, the astilbe Astilbe or false spirea plant produces bushy flower buds that illuminate a home garden.

Astilbe, an ideal perennial for shade

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Lees verder. If your unhappy or your plants fail to grow. W e will refund your money or resend the products for free. Astilbe Amethyst is a lovely Astilbe blooming with large flowers on strong stems Available read more in stock.

Contact us now about Astilbe

It took me far too long to discover the beauty and special quality of the shade garden. Perennials like heuchera and painted ferns opened up a previously unappreciated collection of foliar colors, while flashy and bright annuals like torenia added lovely splashes of color. Of all the plants in the shade garden that earned my affection and appreciation, the astilbe A. As an added bonus, they seem to enjoy being placed in a wet corner of the yard — what more could we ask for in a shade perennial?