Landscape design build process

Landscape design build process

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The traditional method of having an outdoor project completed on your property involves more than one company or contractor. For instance, you have a landscape designer who draws up plans for the project according to your vision. Then another company comes in to handle the landscaping work. Finally, you might hire a third company to design and complete the build for hardscapes like a deck or a paver patio.

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Certified Landscape Designers in Niagara

Resourcefulness — Paradise Restored is continually devising ways and means to renew focus and push beyond average in landscaping and exterior design. This is where daily communication with the homeowner is imperative.

We look forward to securing your project start date. Once we have received a signed contract, our letter of introduction welcomes you to Paradise Restored Landscaping. We request utilities to survey and mark your landscape, portable bathrooms are requested and a job trailer is left on premises. The Job Overseer and Crew are introduced to you on that all important first day and a work schedule is planned on the Job Calendar.

From that day forward, you are in the capable hands of your installation team. Detailed site involvement emphasis makes the difference. The Job Overseer checks in daily and you are kept up to date via the Job Calendar. Knowing daily task and project timelines keep questions from arising. With a design plan and a job calendar at your finger tips, you become a daily part of the construction process.

Plantings, installation of landscape lighting, thoroughly cleaning the property and identifying end of project concerns become our priority. Near job completion, a final walk-through will be scheduled with the Homeowner, Designer and Job Overseer.

Together a walk-through of the entire project will allow final discussion and resolution of last details. We remain devoted to supporting our combined goals through commitment to authentic design, impeccable craftsmanship and the highest level of service.

Design Build Agreement

The collaboration of contractors working together with in house designers results in a seamless process. The combination of these two parties means that you work with one company form start to finish. There is no going back and forth between one contractor and another designer. And, because we have been working with you from the beginning, we are able to plan your landscape with a clear budget in mind. The design build process begins at the initial meeting as you meet with our landscape designer to discuss the details of your landscape project. This is the time for us to get to know each other as well as to discuss any and all items you would like addressed and included in your future landscape. How do you like to entertain?

Do you own the drawings if you decide to build the project with another company? You will discover this is a major investment of your time. In fact, process-.


A professional landscape does more than add to your property value. It can offer beautiful new functionality, year-round color, improved air quality, energy savings and a natural habitat for wildlife — all reasons to let our team of landscape professionals design and install your outdoor living oasis. We offer complimentary landscape consultations. We will create a total plan designed for you and your property. You'll have confidence and satisfaction knowing you have our professionals on your team. Our experienced and very talented crews build your custom landscape to your complete satisfaction. The design process and installation was flawless. Additional text content Copyright , Main Street Landscape. Step 1 Let's chat!

Design-Build Construction Services in New York and Connecticut

Very simply it is both the design and installation of a landscape project being performed by one company. At Bucks Country, each landscape designer works directly with their clients from the beginning of the project to the end, and manages the installation in addition to creating the design. The result is a seamless process, based on direct accountability and personal relationships. See our prices below. It is simple.

In general, we do not offer our design services unless we will be doing the installation.

Landscape Design/Build

While that can be exciting, it can also feel a bit overwhelming. Beyond the house, you also have to think about the outdoor living space. What will look best in your outdoor space? How do you combine all of your design ideas with the space you have? And of course, who can answer all of these questions? Instead of getting frustrated with the whole process, work with a professional to design and build the outdoor space of your dreams.

Design–Build or Design–Bid for Your Landscape Construction?

We know that building a dream yard is a collaborative process. Our design team will work with you to go from vision to reality with the perfect space to fit your style and personality. Designing an attractive backyard for multiple sports required a flat grade and strategic drainage system. We designed a beautiful and functional yard with rock walls, plantings and patios while following the community approval process. Our team has an extensive knowledge and experience in landscape design, product installation and construction.

What sets Pistils apart is our comprehensive 'design-build' process. We move seamlessly from our careful design development into a detail-oriented.

Our Design-Build Process

Some people are intimidated by the start-to-finish process of landscaping, while others are surprised on the numerous steps a landscape design-build process can have when working with a professional team. The order and steps of this process may change from landscaping firm to landscaping firm, but should cover all the same bases and be roughly in the same order. As part of a consultation process, the design team will go over your needs as well as survey your landscape.

Every site speaks to its own language and requires a design tailored to those needs. At Aldershot we understand the interplay of the site and the goals of the client. Let Aldershot Landscape's team of award-winning landscape architects imagine a landscape for you and take it through to completion. At Aldershot we understand that every project is unique and requires a unique design. A successful project begins with a clear and thorough understanding of the project.

We consider ourselves stewards of the land.

Please leave this field empty. As a landscape design-build firm, Van Zelst specializes in the design as well as the construction of beautiful landscapes. Our team offers a streamlined, thorough and personal experience. Here are just a few ways our landscape design-build services make the process easier and more cost effective for you:. Project Type How you heard about us? Schedule My Free Consultation.

The initial Meeting - One of our designers will meet with you, walk your property, and discuss your vision, priorities, and expectations. This is our opportunity to get to know you better. Your landscape should be a reflection of your personal style and taste and blend them with the architecture of your home. This plan will give you a visual layout of the property outlining your ideas and wish list.